Project Development

The development and definition of a project as it progresses through a number of phases/stages before it is finally fully authorised for implementation.

Project Development

The development of any project is a process which involves the carrying out of work, reviews and analysis, involvement of various parties and decision-making in a structured manner. To ensure that the process for every project is comprehensive, appropriate and clear to those involved, it is highly desirable to have a documented project development process.

We achieve this through the following stages:

  • Generation of idea, opportunity or requirement
  • Concept and feasibility studies. Review of objectives, confirm fit to business objectives
  • Initial development, including refining of options
  • Detailed development

Project Definition
A key activity in the project development phase is to develop and agree the strategy for project implementation. The implementation strategy must be essentially complete before the project definition package can be finalised and before the tendering for main implementation works can commence.

Two stages are key in the project definition process, these are:

  • Preparation of project execution strategy/plan (PEP) and detailed estimate
  • Project financing